Do you know what we call people like you??? Brilliant!
Thank you Ina!! Your the best!
(Dr. Guzzardo, MI)



Thank you so much for your time and help with our practice. You're great! (Dr. Tornatore, VA)

Also i wanted to tell you i read the responses you got from the cold calling you did, wow sounds encouraging to me, i love your details and notes, really like the system, love it. The repsonses seem good to me people are interested !!!!! (Dr. Cowen, FL)

I really enjoyed the tour of the is obvious that much care and professionalism was involved in producing it. I am overwhelmed by all the services you are providing to ensure the success of our venture. The offer to call the Nurse Pracationers is another example of the unselfish acts of service your team showers upon us. (Dr. Ford, TX)

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doctors say we exceed their expectations…

may 23, 2017

February  25, 2017

Hi Ina, Had lunch with a group that you passed on to us a couple weeks ago. Turned out is was an orthopedic group on the hospital grounds. It was a staff of 4 Drs and lunch for 20. 1 doc and 6 staff showed up. They were swamped and running 1 1/2hrs behind so we assumed it was a waste of time. They have sent us 6 patients already!!! It's. 4-5 week wait to get into the hospital pain clinic so they are happy that we can accommodate them within a week. So excited to get all this new patients! Thanks for your help! (Dr. and Mrs. H , PA)


I got into the website, I had to delete my cookies, (that always sounds so funny). Anyway I love it!! You guys rock!! (Dr. Rosenberg, IL)

Fantastic!!! Thank you all so very much for ALL your entire team does to help our patients and our practice. I am blessed to have you all on our team. (Dr. James, CA)

SERIOUSLY you ROCK!!!!! Thank you YES, very excited for these to start rolling in :-). Thank you,
(Dr. Anderson, CA)